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Student placement software to help Elementary and Primary schools create well balanced class lists

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Class Maker
A practical software solution to streamline the task of creating class lists for the new school year. 
With Class Maker, your sensitive student data stays local – no need to store it on the web

Student placement software designed to help Elementary and Primary schools with the difficult and time consuming task of creating classes where all students have at least one friend, while managing a balanced mix of different student ability levels and classroom dynamics. Teachers are able to keep students together or apart, maintain class gender ratios, monitor class average ability levels, place students with individual teachers and manually edit the classes created by Class Maker with real-time feedback of any modifications made. It can also be used to create school camp accommodation and activity groups.

The latest version of Class Maker is 2019.3 If you are not running this version (to check, press the "About" menu button in Class Maker), then you should download this version, as it has numerous enhancements and bug fixes. See the Installation Instructions page for more information.

Whole school annual licences cost from just $199!

"It is a great program that has saved us a lot of time."
Assistant Principal, Chalcot Lodge Primary School

Who uses Class Maker?

Class Maker is currently used by over 90 schools world-wide, mostly in Australia.
Below is a breakdown of the Australian users by state.
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How do I use Class Maker?

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