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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we've been asked about Class Maker. If you have any other questions, please do not hesistate to contact us via email or the Contact Us page.

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    My school has more than 300 students, does this mean I need multiple licences?
    Simple answer, No! Class Maker is designed to be used one year level at a time, not for the whole school all at once. Therefore, the restriction of 100 students and 4 classes for the Standard version refers to the number of students at each year level, not for the whole school. Similarly, the Extended version can sort up to 300 students into 9 classes per year level. So if your school has no more than 100 students per year level and you need 4 or less classes per year level, just one Standard licence will be enough for the entire school. This equates to a total school student population of less than 700 for just $199. If you have more than 100 students per year level or need to create more than 4 classes per year level, you will need one Extended licence for your entire school for just $299.
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    Sounds like an interesting program, but how will it work at my school?
    One possible scenario which is used in other schools is to have the year level teachers run Class Maker, and then send the final sorted classes for final approval. The year level leader enters the list of students in that year level into column A of the student template spreadsheet. Each of the year level teachers will then add the student friend requests for their class to the spreadsheet, and any “Essential Friends” or “Incompatible” pairings they deem necessary. The teachers then get together as a group, run the program from one computer and watch as the results come up. They are then able to discuss the results, tweak the classes if necessary, then save the final result and send it to the Prin or AP for approval. This way, everyone is involved in a small bit of the process, and it is not left to one or two people to do everything. Of course, this is just a suggestion, you are free to run the program any way you like.

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    How many Essential students should I specify in my spreadsheet?
    You should limit the number of essential students to less than about 10% of the total student population. Essential pairings should be left to only those who have a genuine need to be together, as it will significantly reduce the number of possible solutions and increase the time taken for Class Maker to arrive at a solution.
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    How many Incompatible students should I specify in my spreadsheet?
    Just like the Essential pairings, you should limit the number of Incompatible student pairing. A level of less than about 20% of the total student population should be your aim. Setting a high number of Incompatible pairings will significantly reduce the number of possible solutions and increase the time taken for Class Maker to arrive at a solution.
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    How many copies of Class Maker can we run at the same time at our school?
    When you purchase Class Maker, it is set up as a school-wide licence, meaning that everyone at the school can run local versions of the program on their own computer by copying the licence file across.
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    So I can just share the licence file with anyone?
    Anyone at your school yes. You are not allowed to give the licence file to anyone outside your school. The name of the school that purchased the licence appears on the main Class Maker window.
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    Can I put students into a particular teacher's class ? Or keep them out of a teacher's class?
    Yep! In exactly the same way as you can keep students together or apart from each other, you can add teachers into the database file and point individual students to (or away from) that teacher. Teachers are sorted differently to the students, and will always appear at the top of class lists. You need to make sure you have one teacher for each class when you use the teacher option.
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    It seems like I can only have one "Essential friend" per student.
    You can have as many essential students as you like who are linked together in the same class. By "daisy-chaining" the students together, you can create classes with as many linked students as you like. For example, setting Student B to be an "Essential friend" of Student A, then setting Student C to be an "Essential friend" of Student B, you have automatically linked Student C with Student A. Class Maker will only produce classes where all three students are in the same class.
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    Can I use Class Maker to create cabin groups for school camps?
    Absolutely! There is no real difference between creating lists of students for the classroom, or for cabin groups on camp, except for the number of students in each group. You may need the "Extended" version if you need to create more than 4 groups, even though the numbers will be smaller for a camp cabin.
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    What about sorting students into school houses?
    Again, yes! Class Maker will work well in this scenario also. Simply by adding the house group to the student database, you can point particular students to an individual house.
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    How many friends should I specify in my Student Database file?
    You should use as many friend requests as possible. Using 4 friends per student is highly recommended. Using less friends will significantly increase the time taken to find solutions (if they exist). We tested an actual school list containing 84 students sorted into 4 classes. With 4 friends per student, Class Maker found 10 class sets in about 10 seconds. Using 3 friends per student the time taken increased to around 40 seconds (average).
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    How do I buy Class Maker?
    Just send us an email at [email protected], or use the Contact Page on the website. Please indicate your School Name and which version you would like to buy. We will then send you a personalised licence file specific to your school which will turn the "Demo" version of Class Maker into a licenced version.