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Creating classes for the new school year is a time consuming task that teachers are asked to complete each year. Many schools offer their students the opportunity to request friends to accompany them into the new year. The task of trying to balance class size with student academic ability, behaviour, classroom participation and gender while ensuring that everyone has a friend is considerable.

Class Maker is an innovative software solution, developed to streamline this process and provide a number of balanced grade alternatives for teachers to choose from.

The program installs on your local hard drive, as is all sensitive student data. You do not have to store any student information on external websites, so your data is secure.

Program Features

Friend requests

Teacher control

Student ability levels

Students have the opportunity to nominate up to 5 friends who they would like to be with in the following year.  Class Maker uses advanced matching algorithms to ensure that every student in the class has at least one friend.

The program also offers the option to relax these requirements by allowing some friend requests to remain unfullfilled.

Class Maker provides teachers the ability to separate or group individual students, over-riding the students' requests. Class Maker also provides the option for students to be placed with or separated from a particular teacher.

Teachers can add up to four ability types for each each student, grading each student on a five point scale (eg. A - E). The default descriptors are Literacy, Numeracy, Behaviour and Participation, however these can be changed to suit the school require-ments. Students can also be identified as belonging to two special groups, such as ESL/EAL or Accelerated, and Class Maker will monitor these ability levels and groups to enable teachers to make more balanced class lists.

Drag & drop editing

Data security

Multi-aged classes

Class Maker allows you to "tweak" the class lists using an interactive Drag & Drop interface. This feature gives real time feedback on the classes you modify, including updated statistics such as gender ratio, ability scores, missing friends and incompatible student pairings. The student's name will change colour in real time if placed in a class where they have no friends, or have an incompatible pairing.
Since the program and student data are kept on your local hard drive, there is no requirement to send them to a website. Even the supposedly most secure websites can and are hacked regularly, with sensitive data leaked to the internet. Outside of your school staff, there is no require-ment for anyone else to see your student lists, so there is no possible compromise of sensitive student data.
Class Maker can also create multi-age composite classes for 2 or  3 different age levels for up to nine classes. This is useful for schools managing multi-age student numbers across classes, and where students need to be separated, kept together or where gender balance is required. Class Maker allows teachers great flexibility to quickly create usable class lists for difficult situations.

Manage gender mix

Easy to use

Manual class sizes

It can be important to maintain a mix of male and female students in a particular class. Class Maker provides the teacher the ability to produce class sets with any gender ratio required. For same sex schools this feature can be disabled.
Class Maker provides an easy to use Microsoft Excel template for student input, which includes internal checking to ensure correct spelling of students' names. Class Maker outputs the sorted class data in Excel compatible format for easy viewing, manipulation and printing.
By default, Class Maker creates classes of equal or near-equal size. However, it also offers the ability to create classes of any size to suit the requirements of the school.

Value for money

Download demo


Click the link below for a demo version of the program which can sort up to thirty students per year level into  four classes. Installation instructions are available on this web page by clicking the "Installation" button. You may need to "Run as Administrator" the first time you run the program. Simply right click on the icon and select this option.  If you have any problems with installing Class Maker, please contact us and we will  be able to help. Most problems are caused by Windows security settings which can be easily fixed.
The Standard version, which can be used by all teachers at the same school for no additional cost, is available for the special annual licence fee of $199. The Extended version costs  $299 annually, or you could take advantage of our Premium service where you send us your student data and we do the sorting for you!
By keeping our costs down, we can keep the price of the software down to the bare minimum for you
Class Maker is available in multiple configurations for Windows. The Standard version designed for small to medium schools allows up to 100 students per year level to be sorted into up to 4 classes. For larger schools, the Extended version allows sorting of up to 300 students per year level into up to 9 classes. The Premium service is designed for schools who would prefer us to sort the classes for you.

Every teacher at the school can have their own copy for no additional cost.
Download Class Maker